Fresh Bites...

Turning the Meal Replacement Category into

a healthy dining experience!

Lifestyle with Fresh Bites

Healthy Dining Experiences!

Why Fresh Bites makes a healthy dining experience for people.  Our gourmet range of pre-made meal options allows our customers to enjoy healthy, fresh and low-fat options.

As time and food quality dictate our meal options, we believe that Fresh Bites fills a gap in the current market and will drive the development of the meal replacement category and allow more families to eat better, together...

Getting the Range Right


Expanding the Range...

The category and range presentation and retail argument.

Space on Shelf


Managing Shelf Space...

How great planograms and shelf management can make all the difference

Consumer Engagement Plans


We created a focused media plan and television campaign ready to go to market.

Digital Marketing

The creation of a strong brand engagement campaign using Facebook, and Instagram.


Creating an engaging brand experience with recipes and competitions.

Working Together...

Fresh Bites Ltd

Gary Harbrite - Business Manager

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