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Fresh Cuts Brand Storyboard

Coles Category Review Presentation and

Supporting Information

Digital Brand Storyboard example for Fresh Cuts

Introducing Fresh Bites, a groundbreaking addition to the market, revolutionising the dining experience for health-conscious consumers. Fresh Bites is dedicated to providing a wholesome and convenient solution to the modern-day challenge of balancing time constraints with the desire for high-quality meals.

Fresh Bites distinguishes itself with a gourmet range of pre-prepared meal options, meticulously crafted to offer a trifecta of health benefits: freshness, low-fat content, and delectable flavors. The brand understands the evolving dynamics of busy lifestyles among Australians, where time and the quality of food are crucial factors influencing meal choices.

As Australians increasingly seek convenient yet nutritious alternatives, Fresh Bites is poised to become a catalyst for positive change in dietary habits. Our aim is to propel the development of the meal replacement category, enabling more families to embrace a healthier lifestyle while sharing nourishing meals together.


This collaboration underscores the commitment to gourmet foods with a brand aspires to elevate the overall culinary experience for its Coles customers.

Introducing Fresh Cuts...

Developing the Healthy Meal Replacement Category

Brand-Showcase-Fresh Bites Image

The Range

Understand the category trends and shopper insights.  Learn how we've chosen the perfect range of products to meet this consumer driven demand.

Optimising  Shelf Space & Instore Promotions

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Utilising Shelf Space

Optimise shelf space and off-location promotional displays across the retail store.

Product Specifications and Pricing

Merchandising-supply chain data-trade paperwork-retail execution-national product catalogu

& Supply Chain

Download our product brochures, trade activation buyer forms, regulatory forms, and on-pack nutritional information.

We've created a focused media strategy designed to build brand recognition and drive instore and online engagement.

Media Plan

Our digital marketing program has a range of social media campaigns that are deisgned to build product awareness.

Digital Marketing

Out investment within Coles CitrusAd incorporates promoted product listings and banner advertising.


Marketing & Promotional


Key Contacts

Working Together...


Gary Harbrite - Business Manager

Fresh Cuts Ltd

16 Toorak Rd Malvern Vic 3142

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